Let's Practice – Lesson 1

Lesson 1



In this first lesson, we saw the importance of keeping our Moon calm and peaceful, mastering our power of perception and training our mind to perceive what is true and truly important. We also learned that meeting our inner self does not happen by accident and that igniting the divine spark at the core of our being requires patience, focus, dedication and self-awareness, all of which we can develop through daily meditation.

Meditation necessitates we remove ourselves from external distractions in order to devote ourselves to regular periods of quiet solitude. That may seem like a tall order in this hectic, 24/7 electronic era, but meditation is the most effective tool we have at our disposal when it comes to improving our Luna and gaining mastery over our thoughts.

I have followed a daily meditation practice for decades and can’t imagine a morning that didn’t include meditating. Meditation simultaneously grounds me while easing my stress and helping me to see the bigger picture. Things that may have been bothering me seem to melt away and are replaced by a sense of calmness. I feel more focused on what I need to accomplish and, best of all, more and more attuned and grateful to everything that fills my world with beauty and love.

Try meditating every day throughout this Moon course and by the time it’s over I bet you will be a confirmed (and happy) meditator like me.

So, while we will provide you with a variety of meditation tips and techniques throughout this course, in this lesson I’d like you to become aware of your breath, understanding that each breath is a bridge that leads us ever inward and nearer to our superconscious awareness.


“Things have no hold on the soul. They stand there unmoving, outside it. Disturbance comes only from within – from our own perceptions.”

― Marcus Aurelius

LESSON 1 : EXERCISE—Deep Breathing

Your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress in order to see more objectively. However, most people don’t fully utilize it as they take short, shallow breaths into their chest. To get the most of your breath, it is important to breathe deeply into your belly.

Some simple breathing exercises can make a big difference if you make them part of your regular routine. Follow these simple steps:

1. Get comfortable. Ideally, sit up straight away from the back of the chair.

2. Breathe in through your nose. Let your belly fill with air.

3. Breathe out through your nose.

4. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4, and start over again (or whatever count is comfortable for you). Just remember to keep your breathing slow and deep. You can start with a few minutes and when you have more time, you can do this exercise for 10 minutes or more to get even greater benefits.

To check if you are breathing deeply, you can place your hand on your belly and, as you breathe in, feel your belly rise. As you breathe out, feel your belly lower


Affirmations are a powerful tool when it comes to breaking negative patterns of thought and rewiring the way we think, feel, act and believe. We will supply you with an appropriate affirmation at the end of each lesson that you can recite throughout the week. Here is your first affirmation:

I relax and cast aside all mental burdens, allowing Spirit to express through me it’s perfect love, peace and wisdom.

― Paramahansa Yogananda

(Silently repeat this affirmation in your mind twice daily: Ten times upon waking; ten times before going to sleep.)


As we have learned, our superconscious mind speaks to us through our intuition. A great (and proven) way of developing our intuition and getting in touch with our inner voice is automatic writing. In essence, writing spontaneously involves hitting the pause button on our rational mind and allowing the energy of our thoughts to flow effortlessly through our fingertips, without allowing ourselves to censor or edit what we are thinking and feeling.

Just find a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, chant Aum for a minute or two and then start to write! While you write, keep in mind all that we have discussed about the Moon in this lesson; give your inner voice permission to do the talking while your fingers take dictation.

Can’t wait to see you next week!

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