A Message From Guylaine

Welcome to The 90-Day Mounts Challenge

Message From Guylaine

Hello, Bienvenue, Welcome!

I am delighted you’ve joined me for The 90-Day Mounts Challenge and will be accompanying me on this amazing journey that will ignite the power of the planets in your palm and transform your life!

Some of you have known me for years, either as a friend or a client, or as both, which is usually the case! Others have gotten to know me through my memoir, The Happy Palmist: My Joyful Adventure in Vedic Palmistry, by seeing me on the Birla YouTube Channel or by taking one or all of our three Self-Help programs, The 90-Day Heart, Head and Life Line Challenges.

However, there are a few of you that I will be meeting for the very first time in The Mounts Challenge, so I’d like to take a moment to share a little pertinent information about myself. Hopefully this will make your experience of The Challenge more intimate, meaningful, fun and effective! Besides, I love making new friends—you can never have enough!

My family

So, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Guylaine Vallée and I grew up in a small town in rural Quebec, the youngest kid in a large and loving working class family. Like a lot of young people, however, I lacked purpose and direction in life. Most teenagers grow out of this—I didn’t. I carried around a pretty constant depression throughout my teens, and my lack of purpose haunted me well into my twenties. Despite a supportive and caring family, getting a good education and finding a great job working in television production in Paris, I was never happy and always felt something was missing.

Then one day in the mid-1980s the universe directed me to the Birla Center in Montreal, where I had a consultation with the Center’s founder, Vedic palmist extraordinaire, Ghanshyam Singh Birla. Well, as they say, the rest is history. This remarkable man’s warmth and knowledge changed the course of my life, and in just one session I learned more about myself than I had in my quarter-century on the planet!

The truth and wisdom of Vedic philosophy, and Vedic palmistry in particular, spoke directly to my heart—it taught me how to be loving and happy! In fact, palmistry was such a positive force in my life and had so much to offer me, I decided to make it my career. Within a year, I was at the Birla Center full-time and have been here ever since—first as a student of Vedic palmistry, then as a palmist . . . and today as a very happy, Happy Palmist!

Ghanshyam, who became my teacher, mentor and dear friend, is still at the helm of the center, which has grown and expanded over the years. Originally from India, Ghanshyam has dedicated his life to helping his clients live happier lives while tirelessly working to advance Vedic palmistry in the West. He’s a remarkable Vedic practitioner and an incredibly learned scholar of palmistry, so I frequently incorporate his stories, wit and wisdom into the pages of this Challenge.

For years, we saw thousands of clients at our center in the city as well as our rural wellness center in the foothills of the Laurentian mountains. These days, our focus is on our online college, our consultation services and expanding our reach across the globe. Nevertheless, the Birla Center is still run by the same tight-knit group of colleagues who helped found it and who have been working together for decades; they are like a family to me. Each of us is dedicated to helping others transform their life through palmistry.

That’s enough about me! Now, let’s get to the reason that brought us all here in the first place—to explore the mounts of your palm and learn how to unleash the power of the planets in your life. During The Mounts Challenge, you will discover how to resonate with the energy of each individual planet. For example, mastering your Mount of Venus will help you radiate with love; mastering the Mount of Mercury will help you express yourself with greater ease and eloquence; and mastering the Mount of Mars will awaken your noble warrior spirit.

All of this and so much more awaits you in the pages ahead. Once again, I couldn’t be happier that you have joined me on this life-changing journey.

Good luck and have fun!

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