The Birla College of Vedic Palmistry

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Welcome from Our Director
Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Welcome to the wonderful world of Vedic palmistry, the 5,000-year-old science from India that promotes self-awareness, peace of mind, and a life filled with prosperity, good health, happiness and joy.

Whatever reason brought you here, you are about to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery that will profoundly enrich your life.

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Meet Your Host
Guylaine Vallée

Hi, I’m Guylaine Vallée, an instructor, coach and counsellor at the Birla College, where we have been teaching the practical, life-changing benefits of Vedic palmistry for more than 50 years. It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to our very special school and all it has to offer.

Although not widely known in the West, Vedic palmistry has been helping people live healthier, happier and more loving lives for centuries.

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Online Course Programs and
Transformative 90-Day Challenges

Our self-help programs are a culmination of 50 years of Vedic research, counseling and teaching. Let us show you how to improve every area and aspect of your life by changing the lines and signs of your hands.

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Contact us for more information about our programs or courses. We will be happy to get back to you and answer all your questions.