A Year of Personal Transformation

Change your life through the power of Vedic palmistry with our brand-new Quatro Pack, a fun and comprehensive combination of the best the Birla Center has to offer. Within this engaging and transformative program, you will discover the secrets of the hand and learn to use palmistry to enrich every area of your life.

Whether you have taken one of our programs before or are a complete newcomer to the world of palmistry, The Quatro Pack’s four 90-Day Challenges will ensure that the next year will be a year of unprecedented personal growth and happiness.

What is the Power of Palmistry?

Very few people realize that the lines in our hands change as we change our thoughts and attitudes. This is what led the sages of ancient India to develop Vedic palmistry into the world’s first self-improvement program. More than 5,000 years later, modern science has finally caught up with the yogis. Cutting-edge neuroscience has proven the brain isn’t hard-wired, as once believed, but it is malleable and can be re-wired by making a conscious and consistent effort to change our thoughts.

Neuroscience has proven it takes 90 days to change the way our brain functions—90 days to change our view of the world and how we feel about ourselves. At the Birla Center, we have found that palmistry functions in much the same way—we can change the lines of our hands in just 90 days. This is the reason we have designed the Quatro Pack as four separate 90-Day Challenges so that it only takes three months per Challenge to change our lines and change the way we love, think, live and relate to the world.

Guylaine Vallée

Your Coach: Guylaine Vallée

Guylaine Vallée, the author of The Happy Palmist, will guide you on video through each step of your year-long journey, highlighting key lessons and teaching you how to master the power of your palm.

What you get in the QUATRO PACK

The Quatro Pack includes the following four Birla Center Self-Development Programs:

What You Get in Each of the Four Challenges

  • 12 professionally written online lessons (more than 200 pages)
  • More than 200 illustrations
  • 12 instructional videos
  • Ancient yogic and breathing techniques
  • Dozens of real-life case studies from the Birla Center archives
  • A Do-it-Yourself Handprint Kit
  • Special fee for our Monitoring Program and private consultations.

No prior knowledge of the Vedas or Vedic palmistry is required; everything will be revealed to you in clear, simple language with concepts and techniques you can start using immediately.

Take a Look Inside each of our Four

90-Day Challenges.

Fill your Life with Love

Tap into the power of your heart line and revolutionize your life in 90 days. Use the wisdom of Vedic palmistry to align your body, mind and soul energy and become a force of love.

Energize your heart, ignite your passion, rejuvenate your relationships. Give and receive love and tenderness more fully and freely, whatever your age.

Weekly Lessons:


Week 1: The Open Heart; the Open Hand

Week 2: Seeking Balance in Body, Mind and Heart

Week 3: The Heart-Mind Connection — Seeking Coherence

Week 4: Two Hands Are Better Than One

Week 5: The Five States of the Human Heart — Letting Our Love Evolve

Week 6: Journey of the Heart

Week 7: Befriending Our Jupiter

Week 8: The Power of Saturn — Fire, Forgiveness and Transformation

Week 9: The Power of Sun — True Love and the True You

Week 10: The Magnetic Sun — Attracting Your Heart's Desire

Week 11: Mercury — Contentment, Enlightenment and the Freedom of Expression

Week 12: The Beauty of the Changing Heart

Master Your Thoughts


How can we shape our world when our mind is distracted by mental clutter and a constant stream of negative chatter?

Develop a strong and healthy head line that will silence the negative voices that claim you are not smart, good or talented enough to succeed and be happy.

Weekly Lessons:

Week 1: Hearing the Still Voice of Our Soul

Week 2: Meet Your Head Line

Week 3: Looking Under the Hood

Week 4: The King of the Hand

Week 5: The Art of Concentration

Week 6: The Magnificent Machine

Week 7: The Path of the Head Line

Week 8: Diving into Mars Negative

Week 9: Enter the Dragon

Week 10: Rahu — Gateway to Our Destiny

Week 11: Mars Positive & the Transpersonal World

Week 12: Our Spiritual Journey — Time is of the Essence

Embrace the Joy of Being Alive


With an ideal life line, our life force energy flows freely through our system, nourishing and energizing us on a cellular level and making us feel younger, healthier and happier. Regardless of our physical age, there will be a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a song in our heart.

Improving your life line will enhance your immune system and electrify your physical body with untapped reserves of energy, stamina and vigor.

Weekly Lessons:

Week 1: Breath and Prana — The Twin Gifts of Life

Week 2: The Geography of the Hand — The Search for Balance

Week 3: Journey Toward the Soul — Travelling Through the Three Bodies

Week 4: Dolls within Dolls, Bodies within Bodies —The Five Koshas

Week 5: Discovering Our Spiritual Anatomy — Igniting the Energy of the Spine

Week 6: Firing Up the Turbines — The Power of the Seven Chakras

Week 7: Getting Acquainted with Your Origins

Week 8: The Length of the Life Line

Week 9: Flow, Flexibility and Resistance

Week 10: Between Birth and Death — The Formation of the Life Line

Week 11: Journey's End — The Termination of the Life Line

Week 12: With a Little Help from Our Friends

Unleash the Power of the Planets in Your Hands


Did you know that you hold the power of the planets in your hands? Learn how to connect to their awesome power. Discover the qualities of each mount and the techniques that will allow you to cultivate and integrate these qualities into your daily life.

Weekly Lessons:

Week 1: The Power of the Planets within Your Hand

Week 2: Journey Across the Universe — A Trip Around the Mounts

Week 3: The Moon — Gateway to the Planets: Perception, Emotion & Creativity

Week 4: Venus — Our Body: Home to our Heart, Mind and Soul

Week 5: Mars Negative — Training Our Inner Warrior

Week 6: Jupiter — Expanding Our Mind and Embracing Our Life Purpose

Week 7: Saturn — A Potent Force for Change

Week 8: The Sun — Source of Life, Love and Passion

Week 9: Mercury — Portal to the Cosmos: Awakening Our Authentic Voice

Week 10: Mars Positive and Our Neocortex — Passion, Peace & Perseverance

Week 11: Ketu — The Mount of Karma

Week 12: Rahu — The Here-and-Now

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