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“Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on earth.”

~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

12 Weekly lessons

Weekly lessons with 10 hours of instructional video that give you access to the full, awesome power of your mind.

Handprint kit

Your Do-It-Yourself Handprint Kit will enable you to personally witness your head line grow and strengthen over the course of the program.

200+ page Online Lessons

An exhaustive 200 + page course material combines Vedic theory and practice with dozens of real-life success stories from our clients; yogic breathing and meditation techniques; a progress journal; exercises; uplifting affirmations; and more.

Witness the Change

You don’t have to take our word that this program will transform your life—we want you to see it with your own eyes. That’s why we provide all students with a do-it-your-self handprint kit. The Before and After handprints you take will allow you to personally witness how your head line has grown and strengthened during the program.

You will receive an instruction sheet and have access to a video on how to take your own handprints.

Does This Sound Like You?


Stuck in a mental rut?

Plagued by negative thinking?

Difficulty making choices or decisions?

Suffering from self-doubt and low self-esteem?

Finding it hard to focus or concentrate on things?

Are fear & anxiety keeping you from happiness & success?

Stop the Confusion Now!

Rewire your brain.

Dive into your psyche.

Discover who you really are.

Unleash your full mental potential.

Rid yourself of worry, fear and indecision.

Master your thoughts and transform your life.

Begin thinking your way to happiness & success today.

The Power of the Head Line Will Transform Your Life in 90 Days

The head line is a doorway to our psyche; it is a doorway through which we can access the inner workings of our mind and observe our manner of thinking. Understanding of the mind is essential for maintaining a healthy outlook, healthy behaviors and a healthy sense of self because the way we think determines how we act and how we view ourselves and those around us. Thinking shapes our perception and our perception shapes our world.

But how can we shape our world when our mind is distracted by mental clutter and a constant stream of negative chatter? Recent studies have shown that each of us has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day and that the majority of those thoughts are negative. It’s little wonder so few of us understand who we really are, what we really want, or realize the amazing life we can create for ourselves if we could simply master our thoughts, quiet our mind and focus on what is truly important.

A strong and healthy head line drains our mental swamp and silences the negative voices in our head that tell us we are not smart enough, good enough, or talented enough to succeed and be happy! A strong head line enables us to think with the clarity and precision not only needed to identify what we must do to be happy and successful in life, but how to develop the confidence and mental drive to get to where we want to be. In the process, we will develop a peaceful state of mind that will remain unperturbed no matter what hardships, heartaches, setbacks or challenges life throws our way.

With a Strong Head Line, The Sky is The Limit

You Can Think Your Way to Happiness & Success

Overcome Negative Thinking

Erase Pre-Programed Negative Behavior Patterns

Bring Clarity to Your Thoughts

Build Self-Confidence

Eliminate Self-Doubt and Self-Loathing

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Develop a Positive Attitude

Heal Debilitating Emotional Wounds

Strengthen Your Powers of Concentration

Heighten Mental Focus

Enhance Faculties of Comprehension & Understanding

Improve Decision Making

Realize Your Full Career Potential

Bring Stability & Harmony to Your Relationships

Develop Greater Self-Awareness

Build a Rewarding Spiritual Life

Enjoy Daily Peace of Mind

Welcome to The 90-day Head Line Challenge!

My name is Guylaine Vallée and I am overjoyed to serve as host, guide and coach for this amazing 12-week journey.

Of all the lines and signs of the palm, perhaps none plays a more determinative role in our level of happiness than the head line. This is because the head line is a reflection of our mind and shapes the way we think about ourselves, the world around us and the people in our lives. And because our thinking determines everything we do, feel and say in life, it is essential that our head line be as healthy and strong as possible. When we master our thoughts, we become masters of our destiny, which makes The Head Line Challenge such a powerful tool of self-transformation and self-improvement.

Cutting-edge advancements in neuroscience have proven that the average person has between 60- 80,000 thoughts each day and that the majority of those thoughts are negative and self-defeating. Indeed, many people often hear a nagging inner voice constantly reminding them they are not good enough, smart enough or deserving enough to be loved, happy and successful. Over time, that unhealthy messaging actually alters the physical makeup of the brain, trapping us in an endless loop of negative thinking that takes us nowhere and leaves us miserable.

Developing a strong head line gives you the power to overwrite even the most deeply-grooved patterns of negative thinking and replace them with ways of thinking that are as powerful as they are positive, productive, creative and life-affirming. Indeed, with a strong and healthy head line you will be able to vanquish self-defeating attitudes forever and channel every ounce of your mental energy into creating the life you want—a purpose-driven life that radiates with loving relationships, personal happiness, career success and an unshakable peace of mind.

The Birla Vedic International’s Head Line Challenge is the culmination of the insight and wisdom gained during a half century of practicing, researching and teaching the ancient science of Vedic palmistry. We have counselled more than 100,000 clients in how to take control of their lives by taking control of their thoughts. All that experience has gone into the creation of this program, which includes real-life case studies. Each of the Challenge’s 12 weekly lessons offers you new ways to gain mastery over your thoughts in just 90 days.

Don’t worry if you have never studied Vedic palmistry before—I will be there for you in the video segments at the beginning of each weekly lesson, to support you and cheer you on! You will be able to measure your progress by your sharper mental clarity, increasingly optimistic outlook and more peaceful state of mind. At the end of the Challenge, you will actually be able see the physical improvements in your head line by comparing the “before” and “after” prints you take with the provided do-it-yourself handprint kit.

So please, don’t spend another day letting your thoughts stand between you and the happiness and success you deserve. Sign up for The Head Line Challenge and take charge of your destiny today!

Tap into the awesome power
of your mind with...

The 90-Day Head Line Challenge

The most comprehensive online course dedicated to mastering your thoughts.

The Head Line Challenge utilizes both the wisdom of Vedic Palmistry and the revelations of modern science to align your energies of body, mind and soul.

This unprecedented approach to mastering your thoughts enables you to tap into the unlimited potential of your mind and use the power of healthy, unburdened thinking to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Our unique approach makes this the most comprehensive online course ever designed to gain mastery of our thoughts and use the power of the mind to transform our lives.


Weekly Lessons

You will get access to weekly lessons that give your access to the full, awesome power of your mind. For those looking for additional support throughout The Challenge, you will also receive a discount on One-on-One Coaching and Astro-Palmistry Consultations.


Exclusive Content

Our work is unique and entirely our own. Our founder, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, is a Vedic scholar and renowned Vedic palmist who emigrated from India five decades ago. This course is the culmination of his wisdom and knowledge, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Hours of Video Coaching

Your coach, Guylaine Vallée, will guide you along each and every step of your Head Line journey with professionally produced video sessions that highlight key lessons and explain every aspect of your head line.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here's What You'll Learn When You Enroll

Challenge Week One: Hearing the Still Voice of Our Soul

In Week One we will examine how negative thoughts cloud our mind, clutter our thinking and prevent us from reaching our full potential and knowing true happiness. We will learn how and why our brain is wired to produce negative thoughts, what we can do to silence the defeatist voices in our head, and how to open ourselves to the still, peaceful voice of our soul. We will also be introduced to principles of the ancient science of Vedic palmistry, learn the fundamentals of the hand and explore the power of the head line.

Challenge Week Two: Meet Your Head Line

In Week Two we will discuss the role the head line plays in our hand, in our thinking and in our lives. We will look at the many ways our thoughts shape our present and determine our future—and how we can change our thoughts to create the life we want. This week you will also be introduced to the “mounts”, the astrological energy zones of the hand that tell us so much about who we are, the origin and nature of our thoughts, and why we have chosen our particular lifestyle.

Challenge Week Three: Looking Under the Hood

In Week Three we delve more deeply into the wisdom of Vedic philosophy and explore the “four components of the mind” from a Vedic perspective. We will examine the difference between perception and reality, how our ego can corrupt our thinking and undermine our happiness and learn how to keep the ego in check so we can create a destiny of our own choosing.

Challenge Week Four: The King of The Hand

In Week Four we will look at the three Vedic “realms” of the hand. We examine the role and function each of the three major lines—the life line, head line and heart line—plays in those realms, and why the head line is considered to be the king of the hand. We will learn how to balance our head line to create balance in the three realms, which represent our body, mind and heart.

Challenge Week Five: The Art of Concentration

In Week Five we will examine the importance of bringing concentration and neutrality to our thoughts in order to create a calm and peaceful mind. It is only through a peaceful mind that we can develop the clarity to manifest our goals, connect to our depth of heart, achieve personal fulfillment and know true happiness. To help obtain neutral thinking and acquire peace of mind, we will study the ancient wisdom of Patanjali, author of the classic Hindu text, the Yoga Sutras.

Challenge Week Six: The Magnificent Machine

In Week Six we will study the evolution of the Universe’s most magnificent machine—the human brain. We will examine the development, function and role played by each of the three parts of our “triune” brain—the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain and the neocortex. We will discover how to use our head line to integrate the often-conflicting responsibilities assigned to each brain—instinctual behaviour, emotional expression and higher reasoning.

Challenge Week Seven: The Path of The Head Line

In Week Seven we explore the Kalpnic path, the path the head line follows as it crosses from one side of the palm to the other. The Kalpnic path represents all of our life experiences—from our first breath to our last. We will also be introduced to the “two worlds” of the hand, the personal world and transpersonal world, through which we rise above limiting, egocentric thinking and learn to move from self-serving personal concerns to a mature worldview that is expansive, altruistic and compassionate. We will examine the mounts that comprise the personal world and learn how we can always be moving forward in our spiritual evolution.

Challenge Week Eight: Diving into Mars Negative

In Week Eight we focus on the Mount of Mars negative in the personal world. It is here where the head line originates and where all our thoughts and perceptions come into being. The energy of Mars negative propels us through life and determines how our thoughts are shaped, as well as how we react to our concepts, imagination, emotions and surrounding environment. We will learn how to master our Mars negative energy to ensure that our perceptions are valid, our thinking is clear and our reactions in any situation are appropriate, beneficial and leading us to success.

Challenge Week Nine: Enter the Dragon

In Week Nine we are introduced to the mysterious Mount of Rahu (The Dragon’s Head), which is situated in the center of the palm and, in many ways, at the center of our lives. Rahu not only represents the majority of our earthly life—ages 21 to 63—but is responsible for the “hows” and “whys” of all the major decisions we make during this critical four-decade stage of our existence. We will discover that Rahu is a churning cauldron of thought, emotion, desire and circumstance. If we hope to master our thoughts, we must first master the lessons Rahu has to teach us.

Challenge Week Ten: Rahu—Gateway to Our Destiny

In Week Ten we continue our exploration of the Mount of Rahu, learning about the key role the destiny line plays in expressing the energy of Rahu and shaping the thoughts that determine our purpose in life. We will explore ways to overcome the many diversions, temptations and emotional entanglements Rahu can present us with. We will learn to use Rahu as a bridge that can safely transport us from the personal world of Mars negative to the transpersonal world of Mars positive.

Challenge Week Eleven: Mars Positive & The Transpersonal World

In Week Eleven we move beyond Rahu and into the Mount of Mars positive where we will explore the rich landscape of the transpersonal world. When the head line enters Mars positive, we learn to fearlessly pursue our dreams and goals while developing the self-awareness needed to transcend personal concerns and realize we are intimately connected to every other living soul. We will also learn what it takes to develop the ideal head line and embrace our true nature—an eternal soul in human form.

Challenge Week Twelve: Our Spiritual Journey—Time is of the Essence

In the final week of The Head Line Challenge, we will look back over everything we’ve learned during the past 90 days and take stock of just how far we’ve come on our journey. We will examine the head line’s relationship to time—both sequential and simultaneous—and learn how we can apply the lessons we have learned to master our mind and increase our success, happiness and awareness at any age or stage of our life. We will also explore the important relationship between the head lines in both our hands. Comparing the head line in our left and right hand will give us insight into the interplay between our conscious and subconscious mind and the way our past is impacting our present and our future.

What Our Clients Say About The Head Line Challenge

“My purpose in life is to shift my own consciousness to a more loving and spiritual state, and to help others to do the same. Birla Vedic International has helped me do that. . . mastering our thoughts allows us to become who we are meant to be. Peace of mind creates peace of heart, which allows us to love ourselves, love our life and love the spirit within us. Bravo to Birla Vedic International.”

Wayne Dyer, New York Times bestselling self-help author and a motivational speaker

“I am watching the videos of Guylaine’s Challenge and reading the lessons. The material is great, interesting and informative. Excellent job! Thanks and blessings to Ghanshyam, Guylaine and the whole team.”

Dr. S., Psychiatrist, John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

“Palmistry is taking me to a deep place inside, reigniting my creativity, bringing surprising synchronicity, amazing encounters, unexpected events, and receiving answers to questions I have been asking for a long time.”

Elise H., Challenge participant, Ontario, Canada

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This Program Is For...

Anyone who wants to master their thoughts

Anyone who wants to overcome negative thinking

Anyone seeking clarity of mind

Anyone having trouble with decision making

Anyone who wants to be more focused and concentrated at work

Anyone suffering from excessive worry, anxiety or indecision

Anyone afflicted with undue fears or phobias

Anyone who wants to overcome harmful habits and behaviours

Those burdened by self-doubt and low self-esteem

Anyone seeking a more stable lifestyle

Anyone having difficulty forming or communicating ideas

Those seeking to express their thoughts more creatively

Those seeking greater self-awareness

Anyone who wants to turn their dreams into their reality

Those seeking to build happier, conflict-free relationships

Anyone who wants profound and lasting peace of mind

Teenagers struggling with uncertainty or angst

Those struggling with a midlife crisis

Anyone who feels lost and lonely

Those who want to live a more spiritual life

You Will Learn...

How to rid yourself of negative thinking and attitudes

How to channel your thoughts positively and creatively

How to think objectively

How to materialize your thoughts and visualize your dreams

How to overcome phobias and fears

How to lead a healthier, more harmonious lifestyle

How to build self-esteem and accept, nurture and love yourself

How to eradicate harmful behavior patterns

How to overcome mental blocks

How to build harmonious and peaceful relationships

How to develop gratitude and appreciation

How to be focused and passionate in your work and career

How to problem solve

How to be more decisive and self-assured

How to find your calling or purpose in life

How to practice yogic exercises and breathing techniques to calm your mind

How to increase mental prowess, comprehension and understanding

How to use meditation to boost awareness and explore your innermost thoughts

How to establish balance between your thoughts and emotions

How to develop and exercise your powers of discernment

How to build trust and communicate effectively with your partner

How to create a mind-heart coherence and enrich your spiritual life

How to develop and maintain a profound peace of mind

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