For each challenge,

three options that you will like.

Self-Paced Challenge

Our years of experience have taught us that, in most cases, it takes a minimum of 90 days to develop new lines in the hand and to make permanent, positive changes in our thought patterns.


Each challenge is designed to be completed at your own pace.


Upon registration, participants receive right away the introduction segments and the material for the first week. Afterwards, participants receive an email every week informing them of the material for that week is available.


To be successful, this process requires autonomy, discipline and perseverance. However, we are offering tools to help participants reach their goals and successfully complete their Challenge.


For those who would like to benefit from occasional support tailored to their needs, we offer coaching sessions. These virtual sessions, by appointment, aim to support participants achieve their goals, in a targeted and punctual way.


For example, in spite of all the discipline and willpower you muster, on the 5th week, you get suddenly discouraged by what is being requested of you? You would like someone to analyze the line you are working on? You need to understand a specific exercise of your challenge? Coaching is the solution for you.


Don't hesitate to book a session with one of our coaches who will be happy to give you the little boost you need to achieve your goals. No matter where you are in the challenge, you can request one or more coaching sessions.

Two options, at special rate:

·      30 minutes for $50

·      60 minutes for $99

Contact us to book a coaching session: [email protected]

One-on-One challenge

Making meaningful and lasting change requires us to go deep into ourselves and discover who we truly are. But sometimes, no matter how deeply we wish to change or how high our hopes for happiness may be, without a thorough understanding of our deepest selves, we may be taking one step backward for every two steps forward. To ensure truly positive results and lasting change, we must remove the negative beliefs and limiting thinking rooted in our subconscious mind, a difficult task to achieve on our own.


During a One-on-One Challenge, your coach will personally assess your situation. You will receive one hour of personal coaching each week, including an in-depth analysis of your astrological chart and the handprints of your dominant and non-dominant hand.


Week after week, your personal coach will inspire and support you throughout the program to ensure you never feel discouraged, overwhelmed or tempted to abandon your positive resolve. Our programs provide a framework that keeps the participant fully engaged in their own transformation.


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