Embrace the Joy of Being Alive
Rejuvenate Yourself in Body, Mind and Soul


A Healthier Body + A Blissful Heart + More Loving Relationships

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

~ Joseph Campbell ~

12 Weekly lessons

Weekly lessons with hours of video that give your access to the full, awesome power of your life force.

Handprint kit

Your Do-It-Yourself Handprint Kit will enable you to personally witness your life line grow and strengthen over the course of the program.

200+ page online lessons

An exhaustive 200 + page course material combining Vedic theory and practice with dozens of real-life success stories from our clients; yogic breathing and meditation techniques; a progress journal; exercises; uplifting affirmations; and more.

Witness the Change

You don’t have to take our word that this program will transform your life—we want you to see it with your own eyes. That’s why we provide all students with a Do-It-Yourself Handprint Kit. The "Before" and "After" handprints you take will allow you to personally witness how your life line has grown and strengthened during the program.

You will receive an instruction sheet and have access to a video on how to take your own handprints.

Does This Sound Like You?


Life lost its sparkle?

Bored, uninspired, listless?

Dragging yourself through the day?

Wondering what happened to all your energy?

Is everything less fun and exciting than it used to be?

Searching for reasons to get out of bed in the morning?

Bring The Joy Back To Your Life Now!

Find your bliss.

Awaken your senses.

Supercharge your mind.

Energize every cell in your body.

Find meaning, purpose and happiness.

Embrace the sheer joy of simply being alive.

Welcome to The 90-day Life Line Challenge!

My name is Guylaine Vallée and I am overjoyed to serve as host, guide and coach for this amazing 12-week journey.

Whenever anyone asks me why they should sign up for The Life Line Challenge, I tell them to imagine what it would be like to live in a continual state of joy. This Challenge is the first step in that direction.

While being joyful every minute of every day may sound like a pipe dream, it isn’t. In fact, the sages of ancient India believed that living in a state of joy, or Ananda, is every human’s birthright, and that unhappiness is merely a disease created through the improper use of prana—our life force energy. It is the job of the life line to get our prana where it is meant to be.

Indeed, the easiest and most effective way of increasing our prana and ensuring it is being used to bring joy into our lives is to develop a strong and healthy life line. With an ideal life line our life force energy flows freely through our system, nourishing and energizing us on a cellular level and making us feel younger, healthier and happier. Regardless of our physical age, there will be a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a song in our heart.

Each of the Challenge’s 12 weekly lessons draws upon the wisdom of ancient Vedic scholars, the latest insights of modern medical research and the practical knowledge amassed by Birla Vedic International during its 50 years of dedicated service to thousands of clients seeking healthier, happier and more joy-filled lives through palmistry.

Over the course of the next 90 days, you will learn how to free your prana by mastering simple yogic exercises and techniques that will help you declutter your mind, shed bad habits and destress your life. You will be introduced to the lost art of natural breathing, which will harmonize the three aspects of your being—body, mind and heart. Practicing proper breathing will ignite your chakras, the spiritual energy centers along the spine, enhancing your immune system and electrifying your physical body with untapped reserves of energy, stamina and vigor while simultaneously lifting your awareness to higher realms of consciousness, creativity, passion and purpose.

Don’t worry if you have never studied Vedic palmistry before—I will be there for you in the video segments at the beginning of each week’s lesson, coaching and supporting you at every step of this life-transforming adventure!

You will be able to measure the progress you are making by your newfound sense of joie de vivre, the surge of youthful energy enlivening your body, and the happy, optimistic attitude sparkling in your eyes. At the end of the Challenge, you can study the physical improvements in your life line by comparing the “before” and “after” prints you’ve taken with the provided do-it-yourself handprint kit.

So, relax, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a journey into joy!

With The Life Line Challenge, You Get

12 Weekly Lessons that will teach you to tap into the awesome power of your life force energy

Weekly comprehensive videos 100 % focused on strengthening your life line

A Before-and-After Handprint kit so you can watch your life line improve

Dozens of client handprints and case studies illustrating real-life success stories

Yoga exercises that enhance and increase your life force energy

Ancient breathing techniques that open your energy channels and free the flow of prana

With A Strong Life Line You Will:

Tap into the Unlimited Source of Your Life Force Energy

Feel Reinvigorated in Body, Mind and Soul

Recapture the Energy of Youth

Enjoy a New-found Sense of Hope and Optimism

Restore Passion and Vitality to Your Relationships

Bring A Sense of Joy to Everything You Do

Overcome Mental and Physical Lethargy

Enhance Your Personal Magnetism

Experience the Power of a Unified Body/Mind/ Soul Connection

Enjoy Daily Happiness and Peace of Mind

The Power of The Life Line Will Transform Your Life in 90 Days

The life line is one of the most important and powerful lines in the palm. Most people think that the life line tells us how long we will live, which is partially true—it does give us clues about our longevity . . . but it does so much more!

Indeed, the life line actually helps us live longer and enjoy much healthier lives by telling us how efficiently we are using our energy. Are we squandering in wasteful or unhealthy pursuits, or channeling it to achieve our goals, good health and happiness? It also identifies the areas in our lives that are creating blockages in the flow of our pranic energy, which undermines our wellbeing.

Using the techniques outlined in The 90 Day Life Line Challenge, we can eliminate those blockages, increase the amount of prana in our system and create wide-open channels that ensure our energy reaches every cell in our body. This not only supports robust physical, mental and emotional health throughout our lifetime, but enables us to use our energy to achieve our goals and dreams. Most importantly, it ensures we can live the life we want to live—long, purposeful, rewarding and joyous!

How is this possible? Well, by learning to master our prana we enliven and invigorate ourselves on a cellular level, which means we can literally be reborn in a new body teeming with strength and energy—a body that is guided by a new and rejuvenated mental outlook and appreciation of life.

In The 90-Day Life Line Challenge you will learn how to optimize the flow of your personal pranic energy, which will not only lift you into a state of radiant physical, mental and emotional health, but allow you to experience and enjoy Ananda. What is Ananda? I am glad you asked! Ananda is a Sanskrit word that describes the permanent sense of pure joy everyone can (and should) feel by simply being alive. And experiencing the joy of being alive in all we do is what The 90-Day Life Line Challenge is all about.

Ancient Palmistry & Modern-day Science: Igniting Our Inner Joy

We don’t find joy by accident—we have to work at it by changing the way we live, which means changing the way we think and how we view life. Palmistry helps us do that quickly and effectively. Very few people realize that the lines in our hands, including the life line, change when we change our thoughts and attitudes. This is what led the sages of ancient India to develop the science of Vedic palmistry, which essentially became the world’s first self-improvement program.

More than 5,000 years later, modern science has finally caught up with the yogis. Cutting-edge neuroscience has proven the brain isn’t hard-wired, as once believed, but it is malleable and the neuropathways that transmit our thoughts can be re-wired by making conscious and consistent efforts to change the way we think. Brain imaging illustrates how positive thinking physically remaps our brain; palmistry helps us to think and live more positively, which is illustrated through improvements in our life line and a happier, healthier and more joyous life.

The Life Line Challenge utilizes both the wisdom of Vedic Palmistry and modern science to increase the flow of your pranic energy, align your energies of body, mind and soul, and connect you to Ananda—the state of joyous living. This unprecedented approach to accessing and channeling the unlimited potential of your prana optimizes mental, physical and emotional health. It will fill you with joy and allow you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living. You don’t have to become a Vedic scholar to discover the wisdom of the ancients—by learning to develop your life line you can begin living the life you want right now . . . today!

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Anyone who wants to experience the joy of being alive

Anyone who is tired of being tired

Anyone who wants to feel young and vital

Anyone who wants better health

Anyone who wants more passion in their life

Anyone who wants more loving and harmonious relationships

Anyone for whom life has lost purpose and meaning

Anyone who wants to overcome harmful habits and behaviors

Anyone seeking a healthier and more stable lifestyle

Those seeking to greater self-awareness

Anyone who wants to turn their dreams into their reality

Those struggling with a midlife crisis or sagging energy levels

Teenagers who need to channel their energy more positively

Senior citizens seeking purpose and reinvigoration

Anyone who feels lost and lonely

Anyone interested in building a strong mind-body-soul connection

Those who want to live a more spiritual life

What You Will Learn

How to increase your energy by improving your flow of prana

How to enhance your prana through breathing exercises

How to fill your life with joy by connecting to Ananda

How to create a healthy balance in body/mind/soul

How to rid yourself of unhealthy thinking, attitudes and behaviours

How to lead a healthier, more harmonious lifestyle

How to build self-esteem and accept, nurture and love yourself

How to build harmonious and peaceful relationships

How to develop gratitude and appreciation

How to create joy and passion in your work and career

How to practice prana-boosting yogic exercises and breathing techniques

How to use meditation to boost self-awareness and experience Ananda

How to create a body-mind-heart coherence and enrich your spiritual life

How to develop and maintain a profound state of daily joy

Tap into the awesome power
of your life force with...

The 90-Day Life Line Challenge

A revolutionary approach to unleashing the full potential of your heart, mind and body.

Our unique approach makes this the most comprehensive online course ever designed to tap into the source of pure and lasting joy, which is the energy of Ananda. Our program combines the wisdom of ancient Vedic palmistry, philosophy and astrology with modern day psychology and cutting edge neuroscientific brain research. No prior knowledge of Vedic palmistry and astrology is required, all will be revealed to you in clear, simple language with concepts and techniques you can begin to apply to your life immediately.

We include an in-depth examination of the nature of long-lasting and sustainable states of happiness and joy. This includes the insights of many of the world’s leading thinkers on how to make attitude adjustments, utilize the power of our mind, and practice breathing techniques to control and channel the power of our personal prana in order to build a joyful and meaningful life.


Weekly Lessons

You will get access to weekly lessons that give your access to the full, awesome power of your life force. For those looking for additional support throughout The Challenge, you will also receive a discount on One-on-One Coaching and Astro-Palmistry Consultations.


Exclusive Content

Our work is unique and entirely our own. Our founder, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, is a Vedic scholar and renowned Vedic palmist who emigrated from India five decades ago. This course is the culmination of his wisdom and knowledge, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Hours of Video Coaching

Your coach, Guylaine Vallée, will guide you on each and every step of your journey with professionally produced video sessions that highlight key lessons and explain every aspect of your life line.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here's What You'll Learn When You Enroll

Challenge Week One: Breath and Prana: The Twin Gifts of Life

In Week One we will examine the two most basic ingredients required to create a joyful life—our breath, and the life force energy known as prana, which enlivens every cell of our body! As we shall learn, we live longer, happier, healthier and more energetic lives when we can consciously control our breath and direct our prana. This is why we introduce you to the first of The Challenge’s many controlled breathing exercises at the end of Week One—don’t skip any of these life-changing exercises!

Challenge Week Two: The Geography of the Hand: The Search for Balance

In Week Two we learn about all the features of the hand and how they work together. We will explore the energy of the palm, which is a reflection of the three gunas, the vibrating Universal energy of Creation that flows through and sustains everything in the Cosmos—from the tiniest grain of sand to the largest super galaxy to our daily moods. Understanding and learning to balance our gunic energy is essential in our efforts to balance the features of our hand, which, of course, includes our life line. And by bringing balance to our hand, we bring balance to our life.

Challenge Week Three: Journey Toward the Soul: Travelling Through the Three Bodies

In Week Three we begin an exploration of our inner selves by examining our three bodies—the physical body that is composed of matter, the astral body that is composed of energy and the causal body that is composed of pure consciousness. Bringing these three aspects of ourselves into a harmonious alignment draws us closer to the true and eternal essence of our being—our soul. The closer we come to our soul-nature, the more joy we experience in life.

Challenge Week Four: Dolls within Dolls, Bodies within Bodies: The Five Koshas

In Week Four we continue our exploration of our inner selves by examining the five koshas. The koshas reflect the many layers of Self—from our physical body to our highest level of spiritual awareness. As we travel through the koshas, we peel away the layers until we arrive at the core of our being and recognize what it means to feel truly and joyously alive.

Challenge Week Five: Discovering Our Spiritual Anatomy, Igniting the Energy of the Spine

In Week Five we focus on our spiritual anatomy. We will explore the routes and paths our prana (our life force energy) travels as it courses through our body, and up and down our spine. Without a free and healthy flow of prana, our life loses all of its sparkle and joy, which is why this week’s lesson will teach us how to remove energy blocks to improve and increase our pranic flow.

Challenge Week Six: Firing Up the Turbines, The Power of the Seven Chakras

In Week Six we explore the awesome power of our seven chakras, the spinning energy centers along our spine that circulate our pranic life force throughout our body, illuminate our consciousness and ignite our highest levels of spiritual awareness. The chakras are truly the turbines that drive our life. Learning to tap into and utilize their incredible energy enables us to make dramatic improvements in our life line and in our lives. Some have suggested that developing the chakras is the key to lifelong health and happiness, which of course is our goal in The 90-Day Life Line Challenge.

Challenge Week Seven: Getting Acquainted with Your Origins

In Week Seven we explore the significance of our beginnings by examining where the life line originates within the palm. The origin of the life line not only reflects the inclinations and attitudes we are born with, it can also dictate the direction that our life and life line follow—whether it is a direction that leads us toward anxiety, frustration and unhappiness, or toward success, peace and the joy of Ananda.

Challenge Week Eight: The Length of the Life Line

In Week Eight we examine the significance and implications of the life line’s length. We explore the reasons why a long or short life line is more an expression of the quality and richness of our life than a mere indicator of life expectancy. We also look at the different roles the life lines in our two hands play when it comes to understanding and responding to the impulses of the conscious and subconscious minds. The enormous impact our goals and life’s purpose have in determining longevity, health, happiness and our overall enjoyment of life will be examined as well.

Challenge Week Nine: Flow, Flexibility and Resistance

In Week Nine we are introduced to the mysterious Mount of Rahu (The Dragon’s Head), which is situated in the center of the palm and, in many ways, at the center of our lives. Rahu not only represents the majority of our earthly life—ages 21 to 63—but is responsible for the “hows” and “whys” of all the major decisions we make during this critical four-decade stage of our existence. We will discover that Rahu is a churning cauldron of thought, emotion, desire and circumstance. If we hope to master our thoughts, we must first master the lessons Rahu has to teach us.

Challenge Week Ten: Between Birth and Death—The Formation of the Life Line

In Week Ten we explore the formation of the life line—the main portion of the life line stretching from its point of origin to its point of termination. This critical section of the life line pertains to the majority of our lifespan—from early youth to our senior years. We will examine how issues from our past (and past lives) are a major contributing factor in determining whether our life line becomes a healthy, open conduit through which our prana can freely flow and circulate, or a fragile, broken channel that chokes and dissipates our life force energy. We will also, of course, examine ways of removing any blockages obstructing our prana.

Challenge Week Eleven: Journey’s End, The Termination of the Life Line

In Week Eleven we study the termination point of the life line, discovering that the end of the line presents us with a golden opportunity to make a new beginning in life. As we shall discover, the termination of the life line, which corresponds to our later years, does not reflect where we end up in life; it is a projection of where our life is headed based on the quality of our current and past thoughts, actions and attitudes. We will learn to use that information to change the course of our lives and ensure we experience the joy of Ananda.

Challenge Week Twelve: With a Little Help from Our Friends

In Week Twelve, the final week of The Challenge, we learn about two of our hand’s most important support lines—the Mars assistant line and the Mercury line. We examine the various ways in which these powerful minor lines support the life line in achieving its full potential, and thereby help us to experience a complete state of Ananda. We will discover how the Mars assistant line draws caring and supportive friends and partners into our lives and helps us to develop loving relationships that last a lifetime. We will also learn how the transcendent power of the Mercury line enables us to rise above physical limitations, access the highest realms of our consciousness, communicate clearly and effortlessly, and tap into the expansive energy of the Cosmos. We will also discuss the many wonderful ways embracing Ananda permanently changes our lives for the better and how best to use the tools we have mastered during the The 90-Day Life Line Challenge.

What Our Clients Say About The Life Line Challenge

“I love The Life Line Challenge! I feel the old patterns and events of my 70 years are coming to the surface as clear realizations so that I can let them go and heal in order to start anew.”

C.S., Retiree

“Every week I learn something about myself that is planted so deep, that is so stubborn and dark, fighting with my soul and hiding my inner light. The Life Line Challenge is asking me to make a clear and definite cut with any past negativity and be ever mindful of positive emotions and my inner voice.”

F.J., Painter

“To my great surprise, the life line is immensely more than what comes first to mind. With The Life Line Challenge, i discovered a side of me i would have never guessed: i take life too seriously and i do not laugh enough!!! It floored me. Being the inveterate optimist i am, against all odds, i understood that optimism is not a guarantee for happiness and i understood why the same emotion — sadness — had been greeting me at the crack of dawn for as long as i can remember. The Life Line Challenge gave me the tools i needed to find this joie de vivre we hear so much about, but which i did not truly have.”

Elise H., Challenge participant, Ontario, Canada

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