The Mars Program

Embracing Your Inner Warrior

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Tapping into The Revitalizing Energy of Mars

The energy of Mars is one of the most powerful forces in Vedic palmistry as well as in our daily lives. Mars embodies all the vigour and dynamism the red planet has to offer and fuels our existence from our first breath to our last. In the palm, Mars reflects the energy of being and doing; it enlivens our body, galvanizes our mind and fortifies our spirit. When mastered, the power of Mars not only provides us with the physical energy and strength to leap out of bed in the morning and eagerly tackle the day, but it also blesses us with the focused mental energy to successfully formulate and execute our ideas. Best of all, the Mars warrior-like nature emboldens our heart, ensuring we have the inner strength and resolve to always pursue our dreams and defend our principles with calmness, courage, wisdom and grace.

A 12-week Program

Twelve lessons designed to tap into our inner warrior and access all the energy needed to realize our dreams and ambitions.

A Course Unlike Any Other

This course is founded upon the wisdom of the Vedas and the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry. Illustrated with dozens of stories and handprints from real life cases.

A Program That Works

Practical lessons that can transform the volatile energy of our survival instincts into a calm and unshakable courage that enables us to turn our dreams into reality.

Harmonizing the Negative and Positive Energies of Mars: Beloved Peacemaker or Aggressive Bully?

The hand is divided into ten astrological zones known as “mounts” that represent the planetary energies that shape and direct our life. The energy of Mars is so complex and powerful that it is the only planet in Vedic palmistry represented by two mounts—Mars negative (driven by instinct and emotion) and Mars positive (driven by intellect and reasoning). The Mars Program is designed to reconcile these often-contrasting energies and combine them into a reservoir of dynamic energy we can draw upon to build a successful, happy life.

The ancient Romans revered Mars as the God of War and its energy was considered to be as fierce and forceful as it was unpredictable and dangerous. Indeed, this is why it is so important to channel our Marsian energy properly and use it with discernment. Excessive Mars negative energy can make us emotionally volatile and unpredictable at work, at home and in our personal relationships.

Professor William Tiller of Stanford University tells us that, “future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body”. And Mars is all about energy—physical and mental. In this course, we will learn how to master the sometimes volatile energy of Mars in order to maintain our self-control and not fly off the handle, destroying our peace of mind and the happiness of our relationships. Mars is all about activating our parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair, so that we don’t have to live in a constant state of stress and worry. When our two Mars mounts are working in harmony, we are able to access the energy of our noble, peaceful inner warrior.


The Mars program will teach you how to:

• Manage your response to stress.

• Gain mastery over your reactive response.

• Activate your parasympathetic nervous system of rest and repair.

• Transform negative emotions into empathy and positive resolve.

• Deal with karmic issues from the past.

• Create peace and harmony within yourself and in your environment.

• Become a steady, positive influence in the lives of your loved ones.

• Radiate a sense of peace, poise and contentment that inspires confidence in others.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Uncontrolled Mars Energy

The dynamism of Marsian energy can carry us to the heights of success and happiness, but its warlike and volatile nature can get us into very big trouble, especially when we handle its raw power carelessly. The instinctual survival energies that fuel Mars negative can make us emotionally reactive; we can easily fly off the handle at the slightest remark we perceive to be an insult, put-down or threat. All of us have lost our temper and lashed out at people for no good reason, and we all have colleagues or family members whose emotions are so explosive we have to walk on eggshells whenever they are nearby. This type of unpredictable, destabilizing and hurtful behaviour reflects just some of the collateral damage an uncontrolled Mars can wreck on our lives and the lives of our those we love. The key to a happy, peaceful and successful life is learning to control our Mars energy and not letting it control us.

Who can benefit from this program?

This program will benefit all those

• in search of deeper self-knowledge and wisdom;

• wishing to take charge of their emotions and stabilize their moods;

• wanting to overcome hurts, resentments, grudges and disappointments;

• wishing to resolve difficult issues with colleagues or family members;

• looking to control emotional cravings, addictions or obsessions

• wanting greater harmony in their interpersonal relationships.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take action. Sign up for the Mars Program today. This life-transforming 12-week journey begins soon with everyone’s favorite host, astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée. As in all our programs, Guylaine will guide you every step of the way as she teaches you how to tap into your inner warrior and create a life brimming with peace, love and happiness!

What the Mars Program includes:

Duration: 12 lessons

Online Course material: over 200 downloadable and printable PDF pages

Online Videos: Welcome + 12 instructional videos (approx. 15-20 minutes each)

Webinars: The recording of the 12 One-Hour Live Weekly Webinars held on Zoom from January 25h to April 11th, 2024

Cost: $580,06 taxes included

For any question, please contact Denise by email at [email protected]

or call toll free 866-428-3799

Discover what the Mars Program is all about.


Discovering Mars and the Mars Galaxy : The first lesson of this program begins with an exploration of the prominent role Mars has played in mythology, cosmology and society throughout human history. We will examine the dual nature of Mars in the palm—a duality that can turn us into an inspiring superhero or an unpleasant bully. After discussing Mars’ relationship to the head line and the line of destiny, we will look at how to get the two mounts of Mars to work together to form a single force in the hand that palmists refer to as the Mars Galaxy. We will also learn steps we can take to create a happy union between the raw instinctual drives that govern Mars negative with the intelligent and discerning energies of Mars positive in order to create the most harmonious Galaxy possible.


The Metaphysics of Mars: In Theory and In Practice : In this lesson we look at the role Mars plays in protecting us from stress, worry and anxiety in our daily lives. We examine how Mars can keep us cool, calm and collected even when the world around us is in turmoil. We also explore the important and complex relationship that the Mars Galaxy has with Venus (the mount of love) and Luna (the mount of the mind). Understanding this relationship ensures we are perceiving the world correctly, following a lifestyle that leads to success and creating loving personal relationships founded upon understanding, respect and empathy.


The Three Levels of Development Within Mars Negative and Mars Positive: In this lesson we explore the many benefits associated with having a balanced and harmonious Mars Galaxy. Likewise, we will look at the problems and challenges that can overshadow our happiness and peace of mind when we have either too much or too little Mars negative or Mars positive energy. We will also look at common karmic issues that create disharmony in the Mars Galaxy and discuss measures to resolve those issues.


Variations in the Development of Mars Negative and Mars Positive: DIn this lesson we get into the nitty-gritty of Marsian balance by exploring the many different ways the energies of Mars negative and Mars positive can form a winning alliance that ensures success or throw our lives into a state of chaos and confusion. We will look at how our personal relationships are ruled by our level of Marsian balance and why a strong Mars is often attracted to a weak Mars, and vice versa. Indeed, these Marsian partnerships are often karmic in nature and provide us with many lessons. Finally, we will examine the conscious and subconscious expression of Mars energy by studying the formation of the Mars Galaxy in both hands.


Taking the Measure of a Balanced Mars Galaxy: In this lesson we get up close and personal with the two faces of Mars—Mars positive and Mars negative—by looking at the many variations in both the level of harmony and disharmony that can be manifested through these two separate but interdependent powerhouses of the hand. We will learn to use the Saturn finger as well as the Kalpnic path (the Line of Existence) that runs through the Mars Galaxy to determine how wisely we are using our Marsian energy in our life and relationships.


The Morphology of the Mars Galaxy: Texture, Consistency, Color and Temperature: In this lesson we take a deep dive into the morphology of both Mars mounts. We will learn what skin texture, color, consistency and temperature tell us about how we are expressing our Mars energy and what impact that expression is having on our mental and physical health, the quality of our relationships and our capacity for happiness and success.


The Three Worlds of Mars Negative: This lesson is dedicated to a full exploration of the three worlds within Mars negative that represent the fundamental energies of the Universe, the three guna worlds of tamas, rajas and sattwa. They respectively relate to our physical body (tamas), the pure energy that allows us to take action (rajas), and the realm of our highest ideals (sattwa). Ensuring that the three worlds within Mars negative are balanced is crucial when it comes to expressing our Mars energy in a positive and productive manner. We will pay special attention to the unique challenges presented to us when the worlds of Mars negative are out of alignment.


The Three Worlds of Mars Positive: In this lesson we will explore the three worlds of Mars positive—sattwa, rajas and tamas—to determine if there is harmony in the Marsian energy governing our thoughts and attitudes. Establishing balance in the worlds of Mars positive is central to our mental wellbeing and our overall success. Harmony in these three worlds propels us forward through life and enables us to calmly pursue our goals, dreams, passion and purpose with steely determination.


Activity on Mars Negative: In this lesson we explore the Mount of Mars negative for the presence of lines, signs and other markings that determine how we express our primal instincts and physical energy. Indeed, activity on Mars negative is a window into how well we deal with the challenges of everyday life. For example, do we keep our cool when things get tense or do we let our primal instincts take over and we react emotionally? Do we have the discernment to make wise and healthy choices, especially regarding our environment? Depending on the type of activity we find, that expression can be peaceful and highly productive or volatile and disruptive. The activity on Mars negative tells us whether we are a peacekeeper or a self-serving mercenary.


Activity on Mars Positive: In this lesson we explore activity on the Mount of Mars positive to measure our level of mental fortitude we possess to achieve our goals and ways to develop the mental strength to resist internal and external upsets and disturbances. Indeed, the energy of the Mount of Mars positive is often referred to as mental armour—it is a shield that protects us from giving into despair and that helps us to push through our difficulties and challenges so that we can advance in life. Activity on Mars positive reflects the degree to which we are conscientious, caring and capable of steadfastly protecting our environment in a calm, cool and confident manner.


Mars and Vedic Astrology: Is there life on Mars? Astrologically speaking, it is a very lively place indeed—a fiery planet whose vibrations are teeming with vigour and vitality. Mars is basic, raw, passionate, and outgoing energy. It is ready to take on life, and take on the world, if necessary. Wherever Mars is placed in the chart that is where a great deal of energy will be present. And because Mars is considered a malefic planet if we don’t direct its energy well, it can be a real source of distress. Consequently, Mars can be an abundant wellspring of dynamism or tension depending how we choose to use it. In this lesson, we will explore methods that allow us to make the most of the Mars energy in our astrological chart.


Mars as the Leading Force: We will explore what happens when Mars is the most powerful mount in the hand, which means it is the leading force in our life. The leading force determines just about everything about us, from our physical appearance, our outlook on life, our psychology, behaviour, mannerisms and personality. The leading force also indicates the kind of work, hobbies and relationships we are most geared towards. But as we will learn, a leading Mars can be either a positive or negative influence in our life. For example, a positive leading Mars makes us a pioneer, a leader (especially in a crisis), and the defender of the weak. However, a negative leading Mars may spur us to take advantage of the weak to further our own goals and ambitions. We will learn strategies that allow us to make the most of a positive leading Mars as well as to mitigate the effects and influence of a negative leading Mars.

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Some testimonials from satisfied customers

Thank's for this fabulous course

I would like to thank Guylaine and all the team of the Birla Center for this course on the Moon. The content of the course is rich in information, whether visual, auditory, in videoconference. As well as by the exercises provided. What a richness... the team has done a great job! A big thank you to you!

N. D. (France)

I love my Vedic Palmistry classes

I'm learning a lot, it's intensive and it makes me work on myself. I understand a lot about myself and my relationship. I am very grateful for the beautiful gift that Ghanshyam has given me with the classes. Thank you for all the good that palmistry and your presence bring to my life.

J.M. (Montreal)

Improving my life through palmistry

Learning palmistry has been an essential step in my personal growth and understanding of human nature. Now I can share with others the same wonderful advice that has helped me improve my life through palmistry.

F.H. (Toronto)

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