The Venus Program

Embracing the Love, Beauty and Sweetness of Life

PC - 202

Experience the Joy of Existence

Venus is one of the most powerful, life-transforming forces in Vedic palmistry.

Besides being the mount of love, Venus represents our flesh-and-blood body and determines the level of passion, joy and happiness we can experience simply by being physically alive. It is through Venus that we are able to appreciate and enjoy all the wonders of existence, from the gentle caress of a loved one’s fingers, to the magnificent splendor of Mother Nature, to fine dining and the transcendent majesty of the arts.

Indeed, Venus enhances and sweetens every pleasure our senses are capable of enjoying.

Feel the Love

Mastering the energies of Venus is mastering the art of living a love-filled life. A properly developed Venus gives you the power to fully open your heart, express your love freely, appreciate the sweetness and beauty of life and connect with your body like never before. With a strong Venus, you will experience love with every fiber of your being and be able to:

• Fill your life with joy and beauty.

• Love with all of your body, mind and heart.

• Energize and invigorate your body.

• Enjoy a constant state of robust physical health and emotional wellbeing.

• Restore passion and purpose to your career and relationships.

• Discover the joy of being alive and learn how to embrace the countless hidden pleasures life has to offer.

Meet Your Divine Self

Venus reflects our physical body, which acts as the temporary home of our eternal soul for the duration of our current earthly lifetime. Indeed, Venus is where the physical self meets the metaphysical self—where the power of our primordial Kundalini sexual energy unites with the spark of divine energy that drives us to seek meaning to our existence and to love unconditionally. Balancing Venus’ physical desires and spiritual longings is the key to a healthy, balanced and joyful life.

By learning to balance your Venus you can experience the pleasures and rewards of the physical and spiritual realm in good health and with harmony between body, mind and soul. The Venus program will teach you how to:

• Awaken your divine self.

• Transcend the limitations of ego.

• Break through the walls that separate us from others.

• More fully understand your place in the universe.

• Learn to communicate honestly, openly and freely with others.

• Love and respect yourself and your body.

• Treat and love others with kindness and understanding.

• Develop deeper reserves of compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

• Transform your spiritual life and learn the language of the soul.

• Appreciate the goodness in others and love the people in your life for who they are.

• Expand your consciousness and advance on your evolutionary journey toward enlightenment.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Venus

The energy of Venus relates to passion, comfort, pleasure and security. Our desires and attachments can lead us down unhealthy paths when we do not understand how to control the power of Venus. Indeed, the energy of Venus is intended to enhance our joy and make this world a living paradise. However, that paradise can turn into anguish when our desires are thwarted and no attempt to escape reality can alleviate our suffering. That is why this program is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to overcome issues relating to:

• An inability to openly express or accept love.

• Feelings of disinterest, hopelessness, anxiety or despair.

• Codependent and/or disharmonious relationships.

• A lack of spiritual connection and sense of emptiness.

• Out of control emotions.

• Inability to overcome past hurts/disappointments.

• Anyone who finds it difficult to relate or reach out to others.

• Emotional cravings, compulsions or obsessions.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

• Anyone in search of hope, inspiration and joy.

• Anyone who wants to tap into the unlimited power of love within them.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Venus program today. This life-transforming 12-week journey begins in March with everyone’s favorite host, astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée. Guylaine will guide you every step of the way as she teaches you how to open your heart and find your joy through the Mount of Venus!

A 12-week Program

Twelve lessons designed to open your heart, energize your body and connect you to the beauty of life.

A Course Unlike Any Other

Founded upon the wisdom of the Vedas and the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry.

A Program That Works

Practical lessons that create harmony within your Venus and revitalize you in body, mind and soul.

What the Venus Program includes:

Duration: 12 weeks

Online Course material: Exhaustive material

Online Videos: Welcome + 12 videos (approx. 20-30 minutes each)

Webinars: 12 One-Hour Live Weekly Webinars (every Thursday on Zoom)

All our webinars are recorded. If you miss one, you can catch it later.

Date: March 30th to June 15nd, 2023

Time: 1:30 to 2:30 pm

Cost: $580,06 taxes included

Look Inside: Discover what the Venus Program is all about.

Lesson One

Venus and Our Body: Home to our Heart, Mind and Soul In this lesson we explore the dual role Venus plays in our lives as the embodiment of our physical body and as the temporary, flesh-and-blood home of our eternal soul. As we shall learn, the Mount of Venus is both our pleasure center and the seat of our primordial survival instincts, as well as the vehicle through which we express our inner-divinity, noblest intentions and deepest feelings of love. Learning to balance these vastly different energies—the primal and the sublime—is key to our success in accessing the power of universal love.

Lesson Two

Our Spiritual Anatomy: Discovering the Cosmos Within: In this lesson we explore the five elements of Creation contained within the Venus mount and the role Venus plays in our soul’s evolutionary journey. We will also examine Venus’ relationships with the other mounts and our spiritual energy centers--the chakras.

Lesson Three

Venus Among the Planets: Its Relationship with Moon and Mars: In this lesson we explore how Venus is impacted by its powerful neighboring mounts: Moon, the mount of the mind, and Mars, the warrior mount of action. If our goal is to express and experience unconditional love, it is essential to identify and correct problems within Moon and Mars.

Lesson Four

The Dimensions of Love: Taking the Measure of a Balanced Venus: In this lesson you will need a ruler as we will be measuring Venus’ exact dimensions of width, length and height. We will discover how variations in the shape of Venus affect our expression of love and how to restore balance when there are problems with the mount’s dimensions.

Lesson Five

Seeking a Perfect Love: Striving for Balance on Venus: As the old axiom advises, we should strive for balance in all things, which is why this lesson focuses on ways to bring balance to our Mount of Venus. We will learn the meaning of having an overactive or underactive Venus and what we need to do to harmonize our inner Venus energies.

Lesson Six

The Thumb: Choosing How We Express our Love: In this lesson we explore the thumb, the finger through which we consciously express the loving energy of Venus. We will examine the importance of the thumb’s length and how it is positioned in the hand, as well as its two phalanges, logic and willpower, which play a crucial role in the way we experience and express love.

Lesson Seven

Venus and the Life Line: Embracing the Life Force: In this lesson we take a close-up look at Venus’ relationship with the life line. The major line of life ideally encircles the Venus mount and ensures its powerful energy remains contained and properly focused. We will also examine the life line’s role in safeguarding our physical health and conveying prana, our cosmic life force energy, to and from the Mount of Venus. We discover ways to repair a broken life line to guarantee we can enjoy a healthy and love-filled life.

Lesson Eight

The Yin-Yang of Venus: Seeking Balance Through Texture, Consistency, Color and Temperature: In this lesson we put our love to the test by exploring our Mount of Venus morphologically. Morphological testing determines the level of balance within our Venus through texture, consistency, color and temperature. We will study remedial measures to restore a less than morphologically perfect Venus to a state of health and create an ideal yin-yang balance in the mount’s energy.

Lesson Nine

Welcome to the Wonderful World(s) of Venus: We will explore the three worlds of Venus that are comprised of the three fundamental energies of creation — sattwa, rajas and tamas, which relate to our heart, mind and body respectively. The level of balance and integration within and between each of these worlds directly impacts our expression of love and how much joy our Venusian energy brings into our life. Therefore, we will see how to establish balance within the three worlds of Venus.

Lesson Ten

Landscape of love : Papillary Formations on Venus: Break out the magnifying glass! In this lesson we examine the microscopic skin ridges (papillaries) that are the fundamental foundation of all activity on Venus. The papillary structure significantly influences the flow and direction of our Venus energy, which in turn has a major impact on our expression of love. We will learn how to overcome any difficulties that troublesome papillary formations create in how we live and the way we love.

Lesson Eleven

Minor Lines and Signs: Bringing out the Very Best of Venus: In this lesson we examine the presence of minor lines and signs on the Venus mount, which are indicators of how well or poorly we are expressing love to others. We will discover the significance of each marking and learn to interpret their meaning. We will study methods of irradicating negative signs that block our love and how to develop positive minor lines that energize our Venus and allow its most loving characteristics to rise and shine. Positive markings increase our personal charisma and magnetism, drawing more and more love into our lives.

Lesson Twelve

What it Means to Have a Dominant Venus in the Hand and Birth Chart: We will explore what happens when Venus is the “leading force” in the hand. Understanding Venus as the most powerful mount in the hand gives us enormous insight into what propels the Venusian nature and its psychological and emotional makeup. As Vedic palmistry and astrology are sister sciences, this lesson will provide us a comprehensive picture of Venus in our hand and in our natal chart, ensuring that we are perfectly equipped and prepared to tap into the power of universal love.

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Yes! Private coaching is available, which many students have found incredibly helpful. Please contact us for more informations.

Some testimonials from satisfied customers

Thank's for this fabulous course

I would like to thank Guylaine and all the team of the Birla Center for this course on the Moon. The content of the course is rich in information, whether visual, auditory, in videoconference. As well as by the exercises provided. What a richness... the team has done a great job! A big thank you to you!

N. D. (France)

I love my Vedic Palmistry classes

I'm learning a lot, it's intensive and it makes me work on myself. I understand a lot about myself and my relationship. I am very grateful for the beautiful gift that Ghanshyam has given me with the classes. Thank you for all the good that palmistry and your presence bring to my life.

J.M. (Montreal)

Improving my life through palmistry

Learning palmistry has been an essential step in my personal growth and understanding of human nature. Now I can share with others the same wonderful advice that has helped me improve my life through palmistry.

F.H. (Toronto)

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